Stucco & EIFS

EIFS stands for exterior insulation finishing system. It is an exterior siding system that keeps the weather out, yet stays flexible for minimal cracking. The base system usually includes a layer of expanded polystyrene foam board that is adhered to the substrate. The foam then has a reinforcing mesh embedded into a base coat which is then covered by a finish coat. The finish is available in many textures and colors, eliminating the need for painting. And with the ability to cut foam into virtually any shape, the choices of profiles for trims and accents are endless.

We are currently certified installers of Dryvit, Sto, and Synergy exterior insulation finishing systems. We specialize in both new construction applications as well as in the repair of existing systems.

Traditional three-coat stucco is practically a lost art in the Northeast. Davenport Construction, Inc. employs several craftsmen, who are experienced applicators of traditional stucco.

We can also install the newer stucco products on ground up projects or perform needed repairs on existing product.

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